[etherlab-users] Using EK1100 & EL2008 with DC

Oguz Dilmac odilmac at bilko.com.tr
Tue Jul 3 15:27:41 CEST 2012


I want to use Distrubuted Clocks.
And to test it, I want to create a square wave on one of the digital 
outputs and watch it on an ossiloscope to see the jitter.
I'm using RTAI with kernel modules.

I looked to the dc_rtai_sample.c.
I don't have an IDS counter. But I have an EK1100 and EL2008
How can I modify the sample code to activate DC on EK1100 and EL2008

I know they support DC. But I don't know what to write to 
"assignActivate" code.

Best regards,

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