[etherlab-users] Using EK1100 & EL2008 with DC

Ralf Roesch ethercat at cantastic.org
Fri Jul 6 08:51:33 CEST 2012

On Thu Jul 05 2012 17:33:47 GMT+0200 (CEST), Oguz Dilmac
<odilmac at bilko.com.tr>  wrote:
> Now I have another problems:
> 1. If I don't use DC, I can control the drive and IO devices at the
> same time.
o.k, which action do you perform in your control cycle?
> 2. If I use DC (without configuring IO devices), I can't go to
> operational at first initialisation. But If I re-run the config
> sequence I can control the drive.
Which devices, drives do you use?
How do you bring up the devices in operational state?
What is done in your configuration sequence?
> 3. If I connect and configure the IO devices next to the drive, at
> first I can set the outputs of the device. But due to the problem
> above I can not control the device.
Which problem above exact you mean?
> 4. If I re-run init sequence, this time my process domain information
> some how corrupts. IO device outputs are no longer in the process data.
What is done in your init sequence?
There must be something wrong with it.
> 5. Regarding to a post by Graeme, I introduced two domains. One for
> writing, one for reading. The behaviour remained same.
> http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-users/2012/001737.html
We do the same here.
> 6. Then I seperated the domains one for IO device, one for motor
> driver. Now my controller task suspends with Trap Handler: vector 14
> message.
I have no idea what the Trap Handler 14 means, we are working on a
mipsel based motion controller.
I assume there must be something wrong with your pdo-sync-setup.
> What is it I'm missing? How should I use DC?
Each DC capable device should be setup correct (AssignActivate).
Other non DC capable devices can be used in same domain(s) where DC
devices locate but without synch to real time bus cycle.

General question:
Do you watch your warning and error messages (dmsg) ?
In case of error you will find a lot of helpful information from
etherlab master.


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