[etherlab-users] Non-CoE slaves

Thomas Nelson gcsnh at granitecomputersciences.com
Thu May 17 20:25:12 CEST 2012


My client is adding a digital I/O module to their current EtherCAT servo motor control system that I've been working with for several months now.  All slaves are currently using CoE, but the DIO module that we're currently evaluating does not support that mode (or any other mailbox mode for that matter), only fixed data access via the SMs and FMMUs.

Does the current (1.5.x) master support this capability? If so, can someone provide a suitable configuration example, as it's not obvious to me that one of the existing examples demonstrates this.  The DIO module is enumerated successfully, but I haven't been able to configure it for access from the application.

Our application runs in user space via the API library on a RT_PREEMPT Linux kernel.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Nelson
Consulting Engineer
Granite Computer Sciences, LLC

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