[etherlab-users] Using Etherlab on a Xenomai system

Dirk Castelijns dirk.castelijns at tass.nl
Thu May 31 17:11:09 CEST 2012



I'm a little bit confused about the RTAI / Xenomai compatibility of
Etherlab. Hopefully someone

can help me with this.


We have a Xenomai system where we want to add EtherCAT functionality. For
this I want to 

use the EtherCAT Master software and the Etherlab software together with
Simulink RTW/Coder.

Installing the EtherCAT Master software was no problem. Etherlab requires
RTAI sources and

a kernel patched for RTAI but our kernel is already patched for Xenomai, so
is this going to work?



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