[etherlab-users] Beckhoff 6731-0010 initialization

Thomas Paoloni thomas at digithom.it
Sat Sep 15 08:46:44 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I'm fighting with a Beckhoff 6731-0010 (Profibus slave to ethercat 
bridge) which I'm not able to bring in OP state.
Nobody from Beckhoff is able to help me, they only seems to know their 
twincat software, and nobody can explain how the same operations made by 
twincat can be made trought SDO and C programming.
Even sniffing traffic with wireshark and trying to reproduce the same 
with my code works because I can see some ADS packets which I can't 
reproduce with Linux master.
Does anybody know more than me about this node, or maybe some other 
network masters/slaves like CanOpen, Profibus, etc. that I think should 
basically work in the same way ?

Thanks in advance,

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