[etherlab-users] Simulink parameters in Testmanarger

Lee Magnusson etherlab at magnul.com
Mon Sep 17 22:57:35 CEST 2012


Thank you, very helpful. Regarding aliases: Is there a way to get the alias to 
show up in the channel/parameter list? Are there other ways in which the alias 
is used, which I'm missing?

My versions are etherlab: stable-1.3, testmanager, 3.5.12

Regarding parameters, I now better understand how to store block parameters to 
file, which should be fine for my needs. It also would be great if I could save 
model parameters, and I'm wondering if that's possible. For example, I might 
define a simulink parameter using model explorer in either the model or matlab 
workspace. I can then use that parameter in a variety of blocks. It seems like 
in simulink, the only way to get this to show up in the C API is to declare 
inline parameters under optimization and include the parameter as a global, in 
which case it shows up under rtwCAPI_ModelParameters. However, it doesn't show 
up in testmanager. This would help me add some more structure to my model 
parameters. Have you looked at anything like this?

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