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Mon Jan 21 10:50:26 CET 2013

Hi Florian,

I also have the same problem as Alessio even with the latest version(etherlabmaster-9cdd7669dc0b) in sourceforge. My configuration is: linux2.6.37.6+xenomai2.6.0+e1000e device driver.
my xenomai task code is shown below:

void cycle_task(void *arg)


        int i,toggle = 0;

        struct timespec time;

        rt_task_set_periodic(NULL, TM_NOW, 1000000);

        while(run) {

                rt_task_set_mode(0, T_WARNSW,NULL);   //It causes the SIGXCPU signal to be sent to the current user-space task whenever it switches to the secondary mode 



                 // receive process data




                clock_gettime(CLOCK_TO_USE, &time);

                ecrt_master_application_time(master, TIMESPEC2NS(time));




                 if(toggle == 0){

                        EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[0], 0xE000);

                        EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[0] + 6, 0xE000);

                        EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[1], 0xE000);

                        EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[1] + 6, 0xE000);

                        toggle = 1;


                else if(toggle == 1){

                       EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[0], 0xE400);

                       EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[0] + 6, 0xE400);

                       EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[1], 0xE400);

                       EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd + off_drive_mcw[1] + 6, 0xE400);

                       toggle = 0;


               // send process data





The result indicates that there is mode switch happened, the reason is 'invoke syscall'.
Why I got such result? Did I miss something during the whole process? 
Best wishes!

发件人:Florian Pose<fp at igh-essen.com>
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Am 14.01.2013 12:28, schrieb Alessio Margan @ IIT:
> so this means I'm loosing data ?
> why I have rt context switch ?
> Am I missiing something configuring ethercat ?

please use the most recent version inside th stable-1.5 branch of the
master repository.

Viele Grüße,
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