[etherlab-users] EL2252: SII eeprom and XML config mismatch

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Hi again,
let me correct my interpretation:
SM2 is and must be a RxPDO. The problem is rather on SM0 and SM1 which should be also RxPDO. Also, I generated a SII binary file using TwinCat, then uploaded the content to the slave. However, except that the description of the slave is now in english instead of deutch, I get the same result. It's very strange that the new SII didn't resolved the problem. In TwinCat, the sync manager and pdo mapping is correctly shown with respect to the XML file. However, it's like the generated SII binary file doesn't match?
Thank you,


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I'm having troubles using the Beckhoff EL2252 with Etherlab. According to the documentation and the XML file, I should have 5 sync managers:
- SM0: DC Sync Activate
- SM1: DC Sync Start
- SM2: Channel 1 & 2 outputs
- SM3: SysTime and Feedback
However, when connecting the slave to the Etherlab master I get the following config (which is fixed by the device):
$ ethercat -p 1 pdo
SM0: PhysAddr 0x0981, DefaultSize    0, ControlRegister 0x00, Enable 12
  TxPDO 0x1602 "DC Sync Activate"
    PDO entry 0x1d09:81,  8 bit, "Activate"
SM1: PhysAddr 0x0990, DefaultSize    0, ControlRegister 0x00, Enable 4
  TxPDO 0x1603 "DC Sync Start"
    PDO entry 0x1d09:90, 64 bit, "StartTime"
SM2: PhysAddr 0x0f00, DefaultSize    0, ControlRegister 0x44, Enable 9
  RxPDO 0x1600 "Channel 1"
    PDO entry 0x7000:01,  1 bit, "Output"
    PDO entry 0x7000:02,  1 bit, "TriState"
  RxPDO 0x1601 "Channel 2"
    PDO entry 0x7010:01,  1 bit, "Output"
    PDO entry 0x7010:02,  1 bit, "TriState"
    PDO entry 0x0000:00,  4 bit, ""
  RxPDO 0x1604 "Reserved"
SM3: PhysAddr 0x0910, DefaultSize    0, ControlRegister 0x00, Enable 4
SM4: PhysAddr 0x1000, DefaultSize    0, ControlRegister 0x00, Enable 4
Is doesn't make any sense to me that SM2 is a RxPDO since this is the output state that the master should provides. Moreover, the PDO mapping is fixed by the device so I can't configure my own mapping. I see two possibles problems:
a) The SII eeprom isn't correct;
b) I don't understand the meaning of these lines :-)
Any ideas?
Thank you,
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