[etherlab-users] Etherlab master on top of RTAI

Andreas Stewering-Bone Andreas.Stewering-Bone at gmx.de
Wed Jun 12 09:20:53 CEST 2013

Hello Diego,

Am 06.06.2013 10:13, schrieb BOESEL Diego Fernandes:
> Hello,
> I am developing a control application with Etherlab's EtherCAT master 
> on top of RTAI. I have two questions regarding such setup:
> 1 The flag "--with-rtai-dir" has to be used when installing the 
> EtherCat master or is it only for the examples?
You are right.
> 2 The EtherCat master process will not be pre-empted by the RTAI 
> processes and tasks (considering ethercat master runs as pure Linux 
> process)? If not, which is the priority of the Ethercat process under 
> RTAI or under Linux?
The master has only a functional API. So it runs in the RTAI context of 
your control process. There are some additional kthreads, but they 
doesn't act on the realtime process.

Best regards

> BR
> Diego Boesel
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