[etherlab-users] Intel 82583 NIC Bug

vilian_ch at sina.com vilian_ch at sina.com
Tue May 21 11:00:05 CEST 2013

We use Ethercat master(version 1.5.1) and Intel 82583 NIC to test our new PC. We found a bug about this kind of NIC:
we connect an ethercat slave with the NIC and get master info via "ethercat master", then we found the link state of the master
is UP and its had 1 one slave connected(this was all right). But when we disconnect the slave with NIC(cable disconnected), and then
we want to get the master info via "ethercat master", then it printed that the link state of the master was still UP and the number of slaves was also 1(this was definitely wrong!).
the linux version we used was 2.6.32, so I want to know is it a bug of 82583 ethercat NIC drive, or this version of EtherCAT master did not support 82583 correctly?
Thank you in advance!


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