[etherlab-users] How to install and use Etherlab for a Xenomaitarget

Graeme Foot GraemeF at touchcut.com
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I have a user space application connecting to the Etherlab master via
RTDM, but using RTAI.  In theory xenomai should be pretty similar.


If you are using the latest 1.5.2 Etherlab master you won't need a
patch.  The patch was to give partial RTDM support before it was fully



To get RTDM working you will need to specify the correct flags when
compiling the master:

  --with-xenomai-dir=<xenomai directory>



All going well you should get a library: /usr/lib/libethercat_rtdm.so


When compiling your application link to the library using:



With RTAI you can check your application is using RTDM by calling 'cat
/proc/rtai/scheduler'.  The syscalls value should remain zero.




Graeme Foot.



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We are trying to install Etherlab on a Xenomai target together with ROS

The plan is to have a user space rt-application calling the Igh master.


Does it exist a procedure for how to get this working?


I have tried to read through the mail archive and the examples, but have
only found piecewise information.

   I have found mails mentioning patching of driver connecting Etherlab
master to user space

   It seems to be special lib libetherkat_rtdm.so


Hope someone can help :-)


Best regards

Steffen Dalgard



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