[etherlab-users] How to configure Digital I/O lines in AM335x – Industrial Communication Engine (ICE) and control motors in AM335x Industrial Development Kit (IDK)

RIYAS riyaskattukandan at gmail.com
Wed May 29 19:41:39 CEST 2013


I am using Texas Instruments AM335x – Industrial Communication Engine (ICE)
and AM335x Industrial Development Kit (IDK) as slave deives in my ethercat

I want to control the digital i/o in ICE board and motor lines in IDK
board. I am using an application which can read/write all the registers
using an open source master ethercat running from linux pc. Is it possible
to do using this app?

In ICE and IDK, i am running pre-built ethercat slave code  which was
provided with the device by default.

Also I noticed that, according to Bechoff site,
EtherCAT_IPCore_Altera_V2.4.0_Datasheet_all_v1i0 "0xf00 to 0xf03" is the
address for DIgital I/O.
But these registers are missing in the  EtherCAT_firmware_API_Guide.pdf.

Also I noticed that, when I am writing these registers, it is failing.(I
monitores using wireshark app).

So can I access the register's directly, by calling any registers or what
changes I need to make it work.


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