[etherlab-users] Setting up EtherLab (Matlab/Simulink dependency) in RT-Preempt

Ankit Goila agoila at umich.edu
Thu May 30 17:24:25 CEST 2013


I am working on setting up a real-time control framework on my machine with
RT-Preempt kernel. I have a functioning EtherCAT master set up on the
machine and am able to communicate with the slaves by writing executable

I am looking to set up the same system with Matlab/Simulink functionality.
For this, I need to install EtherLab on my machine. However, its
installation is somehow not compatible with RT-Preempt and it always
prompts for RTAI.

Since RTAI and RT-Preempt are different architectures, I assume there must
be a similar way to configure EtherLab to work with RT-Preempt? I might be
missing out something important. I will be really grateful if anyone could
help me out with this.



Ankit Goila
U-M ID: 83509056
Graduate Student (2012-2014)
M.S.E Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Contact: 734-747-0829
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