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BOESEL Diego Fernandes Diego.BOESEL at csem.ch
Fri Aug 29 06:59:58 CEST 2014


I have several r8169 devices in my computer. When I start ethercat, all of them will be replaced by the ec_r8169 driver. I believe this is leading to package losses in my bus, since others cards are being used for regular TCP/IP traffic.
How can I ensure that Etherlab will just replace the driver of the device that I want?
I already set the NIC of my device in the  configuration script AND I already tried the method here (http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-users/2014/002428.html) without success.

LONG (with more details):

I am using the Etherlab master 1.5.2 in user space under RTAI 3.8.1.

In my Ethercat bus, I have just one sensor as Ethercat slave. The thread that reads the sensor in my software is a hard realtime RTAI thread. It reads this every 1ms (which is the maximum output rate of the sensor).

I noticed that every now and then some packages of the sensor are lost. I see this because the data package that sensor sends has a timestamp. And I believe the problem could be because the same driver is being used for Ethercat (in just one device) and TCP/IP (in several others devices) traffic.

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