[etherlab-users] Linux hal + EtherCat

William Ratcliffe will at manusolve.co.uk
Mon Mar 3 18:13:22 CET 2014

something like this

<master idx="0" appTimePeriod="1000000" refClockSyncCycles="10">
   <slave idx="0" type="EK1100"/>
   <slave idx="1" type="EL1004"/>

Then Hal commands:
loadusr -W emcec_conf config.xml
loadrt emcec
addf emcec.read-all     master
addf emcec.write-all     master

I suggest the linuxcnc forum; there is a topic on there; the module 
author is very helpful


On 28/02/2014 00:56, javier wrote:
> Hi,
> Somebody knows about an a example of a hal config file for connect to 
> EtherCAT devices how EL1004.
> Best Regards
> Javier Gomez
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