[etherlab-users] Fwd: Help for the slave restart

Jun Yuan j.yuan at rtleaders.com
Wed Mar 12 12:46:22 CET 2014


maybe you can give us your name the next time. You didn't sign your name in
your last email.

Basically you didn't give enough information about what your problem is. Give
the full information, otherwise, don't be surprised if your mail got
ignored by the others.

If the slave can run after the re-power, what bothers you exactly? What do
you mean by "I think it is not in CSP mode"? Could you tell us what makes
you to THINK that the slave is not in CSP mode? Can you check it out
whether or not your slave is in CSP mode? Does your slave have the object
0x6061/0 "modes of operation display"? There're hundreds of different
servos in the market, and you didn't tell us which servo you're using.

Which version of Etherlabmaster are you using? The register 0x92c of the
first slave stays 0 could be quite normal if you use SYNC_MASTER_TO_REF in
the rtai_rtdm_dc example. So I didn't see your problem.

Souce code and log files can save a lot of time to find out where the
problem is. Please also have them attached.

I modified the example "rtai_rtdm_dc" , and can control a servo in CSP mode.
./ethercat reg_read -p0 -tsm32 0x92c
shows a good sync status.

But when the slave re-power ,.
./ethercat reg_read -p0 -tsm32 0x92c
shows "0".
The slave also can run ,but I think it is not in CSP mode.
I don't know how to deal with the situation which slave re-power .

who can tell me how to do it in your programme .Thanks.

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