[etherlab-users] is some one working on a debianized version of etherlab with DKMS support for the ethercat drivers

Martin Troxler martin.troxler at komaxgroup.com
Wed Nov 12 12:53:20 CET 2014

On 12.11.2014 11:26, JR Coding wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was wondering if some one is working on a debianized version of the etherlab package
> ideally with DKMS support for the ethercat driver?
> I just started to debianize etherlab-1.5.2 but stuck on how to configure that the
> drivers will be build by DKMS during installation of the debian package but the libraries
> are build directly during the build of the debian packages.
> Any advice is welcome....
> Thanks in advance
> Joachim
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You can use the attached package as a starting point.

        Clone / Update the required repositories

  * unpack tar (to etherlab-deb)
  * clone (or pull-update) the Etherlab repository||
    |hg clone| |http://hg.code.sf.net/p/etherlabmaster/code etherlab-master
  * create the 'debian' subdirectory link
    |cd etherlab-master|
    |ln -s etherlab-deb/debian debian|

        Build the debian package files

  * edit changes info
  * change/edit build rules if required
    |gedit debian/rules|
  * build
    |debuild -b -us -uc|
    |cd ..|
  * The following files have been created:
      o etherlab-devel_${Version}_${Arch}.build
      o etherlab-devel_${Version}_${Arch}.changes
      o etherlab-config-devel_${Version}_${Arch}.deb
      o etherlab-modules-devel-dkms_${Version}_${Arch}.deb
      o libetherlab-dev-devel_${Version}_${Arch}.deb
      o libetherlab-devel_${Version}_${Arch}.deb

  * install package locally (use the just built .changes file}
    |sudo debi etherlab-devel_????.changes|

  * |cd Etherlab|
    |debuild clean|


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