[etherlab-users] Fwd: Problems using ethercat-1.5.2 with Yaskawa Servopack

Shu Huang michael.huangshu at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 09:08:26 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,

We are trying to integrate IgH ethercat master (1.5.2) with Yaskawa
Servopack. For the moment, basic ethercat PDO communication seems working,
but after writing a desired target position to the drive, the motor didn't
more. Below are detail descriptions.

System setup:
IgH ethercat master
master <---> DIO <-----> Servopack

Domain1 is used for DIO, and we have separeded a domain2 for write
operation, and a domain3 for read operation for Sercopack.

After initialization, all slaves are in OP mode. The servopack should be
working in the default mode (Cyclic Sync Position mode).

Test steps:
0. reading statusword=0x270
1. write controlword: 0x06
2. write controlword: 0x0f (now the servo is on, motor is locked)
3. test by reading statusword=0x237 (is this correct?)
4. actual posotion can be read==> get encoder value OK
5. write target position ==> nothing happened....????
6. servo-unlock by writing controlword: 0x06 (servo unlock)

Some questions:
1. Why writing the target position value didn't work? Other PDOs seem
2. statusword = 0x237, but bit12 indicates: target value ignore??? (does
this mean anything?)
3. Or, there are other procedure for start-up the servopack?

Other tests: The drive can perform jogging by SigmaWin. (wiring is OK)
Is there anything missing? or what are the other testing sequence we can
Thank you very much.

Shu HUANG (a.k.a. Michael)
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