[etherlab-users] PDO mapping without 0x1c12 0x 1c13 method

Thomas Paoloni thomas at digithom.it
Thu Jan 14 09:30:45 CET 2016

On 13/01/2016 15:55, Tillman, Scott wrote:
>   but I was told we "had to get custom firmware to map some of the PDOs".  Also, some of the configuration was still odd to my eyes.  It is possible we aren't using the drive in the same mode you want, but these were the settings we extracted from the TwinCAT config:


your revelation is very interesting !
I've had a phone conversation with the German people who developes PSD 
firmware at the middle of December and after this, we also had a 
TeamViewer session so that they could show me how they take the control 
trough Twincat (they failed even in this goal) and nobody told me that 
as special firmware is available for this drive, they simply told me 
that this mapping method is not implemented.
Anyway, at the end Twincat works and it would be good nice if etherlab 
could behave as Twincat and map the domain in the same way, without the 
needing of a special firmware.
Is there any possibility to do this ?



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