[etherlab-users] PDO mapping without 0x1c12 0x 1c13 method

Thomas Paoloni thomas at digithom.it
Thu Jan 14 09:11:05 CET 2016

On 13/01/2016 16:43, Thomas Bitsky Jr wrote:
> Are you using separate domains for read and write to the servo drive? While I can’t be sure this relates to your drive, I’m having similar problems with a Yaskawa servo and it turns out it’s because I only had one domain. Here’s a note from the mailing list:
>>> if you do a “ethercat slave –v” command, each module has an “Enable notLRW” status.  If it is “yes” then the slave needs separate domains for the read and write pdo’s.

Thanks for your answer,

After your suggestion I've checked my configuration, and I think this is 
not my case since the notLRW is "no" for my drive.

=== Master 0, Slave 0 ===
Alias: 2
State: PREOP
Flag: +
   Vendor Id:       0x02000089
   Product code:    0x50314d32
   Revision number: 0x00010101
   Serial number:   0x00000000
DL information:
   FMMU bit operation: no
   Distributed clocks: yes, 32 bit
   DC system time transmission delay: 0 ns
Port  Type  Link  Loop    Signal  NextSlave  RxTime [ns]  Diff [ns]   
NextDc [ns]
    0  MII   up    open    yes             -   2425837722 0           0
    1  MII   up    open    yes             1   2425839642 1920         665
    2  N/A   down  closed  no              -            - -           -
    3  N/A   down  closed  no              -            - -           -
   Bootstrap RX: 0x0000/0, TX: 0x0000/0
   Standard  RX: 0x1300/128, TX: 0x1380/128
   Supported protocols: EoE, CoE
   Group: Drive
   Image name: DRIVE
   Order number: Parker Servo Drive 1
   Device name: Parker Servo Drive 1
   CoE details:
     Enable SDO: yes
     Enable SDO Info: yes
     Enable PDO Assign: no
     Enable PDO Configuration: yes
     Enable Upload at startup: yes
     Enable SDO complete access: no
     Enable SafeOp: yes
     Enable notLRW: no
   Current consumption: 0 mA

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