[etherlab-users] Reasons for Loss of All Slaves with no Erros

Mike O'Connor mike at oeg.com.au
Fri Jul 29 08:13:45 CEST 2016

Hi All

I'm having a real problem where the machine loses all slaves modules, 
but I can not find any reason for this. The are no cable issues or 
packet error that I can see.

We are using the generic interface and our scan rate is 1000/sec, the 
machines runs happy for sometimes hours/a full day then suddenly it will 
say 0 slaves responding. Our code will then stop scanning the bus as a 
safety step.

Jul 29 09:55:27 SixHeadGrab kernel: [176187.764409] EtherCAT WARNING 0: 
4 datagrams UNMATCHED!
Jul 29 09:55:27 SixHeadGrab kernel: [176187.796046] EtherCAT WARNING: 
Datagram ffff880137e42a98 (domain0-0-main) was SKIPPED 4 times.
Jul 29 09:55:27 SixHeadGrab kernel: [176188.201052] EtherCAT 0: Domain 
0: 7 working counter changes - now 25/25.
Jul 29 09:59:57 SixHeadGrab kernel: [176457.840059] EtherCAT 0: 0 
slave(s) responding on main device.

We get very few UNMATCHED datagrames but do get the on occasion. As you 
can see they do not match up as there is almost 5 minutes between the 
last UNMATCHED and the lost of the IO.

I'm looking for ideas on what can cause this or what steps I might take 
to identify the issue.


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