[etherlab-users] Problem with Beckhoff EL5152 Counter

Matthias Liermann ml14 at aub.edu.lb
Mon Jul 25 14:25:13 CEST 2016

I have problems trying to get the Beckhoff EL5152 counter module to work. I am using the Etherlab 2.1 Matlab library to generate the real time program. The problem is that the module would not enter the 'OP' state. (In the same model I use two more beckhoff i/o-modules that work fine.) The error flag 'E' for the EL5152 indicates that something went wrong during scanning or the module is not configured correctly. 

During configuration with Simulink, the EL515x subsystem offers the user to choose from a dropdown menu which module to select for configuration. This dropdown menu lists the EL5152 and the EL5152 rev. 0016. As you can see from the below output, the model that I use is the EL5152 rev. 0017. Is that likely the cause for my problem? If yes, what can I do to fix it? Rev. 0017 was released 2012/07. The same firmware version 1 is used for rev. 0016 and rev. 0017.
Thank you for any hint.

Module documentation:

ethercat slaves -p1 -v
=== Master 0, Slave 1 ===
Device: Main
State: PREOP
Flag: E
  Vendor Id:       0x00000002
  Product code:    0x14203052
  Revision number: 0x00110000
  Serial number:   0x00000000
DL information:
  FMMU bit operation: no
  Distributed clocks: yes, 64 bit
  DC system time transmission delay: 145 ns
Port  Type  Link  Loop    Signal  NextSlave  RxTime [ns]  Diff [ns]   NextDc [ns]
   0  EBUS  up    open    yes             0   1231966908           0         145
   1  EBUS  up    open    yes             2   1231967488         580         140
   2  N/A   down  closed  no              -            -           -           -
   3  N/C   down  closed  no              -            -           -           -
  Bootstrap RX: 0x1000/244, TX: 0x10f4/244
  Standard  RX: 0x1000/128, TX: 0x1080/128
  Supported protocols: CoE, FoE
  Group: Measuring
  Image name: 
  Order number: EL5152
  Device name: EL5152 2K. Inc. Encoder
  CoE details:
    Enable SDO: yes
    Enable SDO Info: yes
    Enable PDO Assign: yes
    Enable PDO Configuration: no
    Enable Upload at startup: no
    Enable SDO complete access: no
    Enable SafeOp: no
    Enable notLRW: no
  Current consumption: 130 mA

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