[etherlab-users] Beckhoff Terminal EL3356 possibly has a timing issue?

Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Hagemeister hm at igh.de
Tue Nov 8 16:45:56 CET 2016


we observe with the Ethercat terminal EL3356 a timing issue and would 
like to know if other users of the EtherLab EtherCat-Master experience 
this as well:

The ethercat master writes the configuration SDO's before the transition 
from PREOP to SAFEOP. We observe that if the transition to SAFEOP 
happens to quick (<100ms) after writing the SDO's the process data from 
the terminal is "wrong" or the terminal does not switch to OP.

It "feels" like the terminal is not ready with configuration after 
SDO-writing and the request to switch to SAFEOP comes to early.

Has anybody else similar experiences (maybe also with other masters)?

With kind regards

Wilhelm Hagemeister.

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