[etherlab-users] Invalid watchdog configuration

Mathias Thiele thiele.mathias at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 18 11:38:25 CEST 2016

Hi there,

I'm currently facing some problems configuring a slave via the
etherlab-ethercat api. As soon as I activiate the master, I get this:

ERROR 0-2: Failed to set SAFEOP state, slave refused state change (PREOP +
EtherCAT ERROR 0-2: AL status message 0x001F: "Invalid watchdog

I do not configure pdos beause the slave does not support that according to
the output given by "ethercat slaves":

 CoE details:
    Enable SDO: yes
    Enable SDO Info: yes
    Enable PDO Assign: no
    Enable PDO Configuration: no
    Enable Upload at startup: yes
    Enable SDO complete access: no

I noticed that in the esi file (given by the manufacturer) there are
entries concerning watchdog registers:


and I already tried to configure this exact values by using

ecrt_slave_config_watchdog(sc, 25000, 100);

But the error remains. These register configurations do not appear in the
xml file generated by "ethercat xml". In general, xml generated from the
device and the one given to us differ. The sync manager entries do match in
both, but there is more information in the latter, for example regarding

Any suggestions on how I can resolve the error?


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