[etherlab-users] experience with CU1128 | EtherCAT junction

Matthieu Bec mbec at gmto.org
Tue Apr 18 20:55:14 CEST 2017


Has anyone had experience using a "CU1128 | EtherCAT junction" from Beckhoff (*) with the etherlab master?

It seemingly looks like a dumb device, but the documentation hints at particular steps to set it up with TwinCAT:

Topological configuration
With the CU1128, special attention should be paid to the sequence of the EtherCAT slaves. Since the CU1128 has 7 junction ports, drop lines connected to ports must and can be clearly identified in practice. If incorrect information is provided in the configuration (TwinCAT System Manager file *.tsm), the system cannot start.


(*) https://download.beckhoff.com/download/document/io/infrastructure-components/cu1128en.pdf

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