[etherlab-users] How to change slave(AX5206) state to "SAFEOP"?

Jiarui Lian jerry at bertec.com
Tue Jan 3 17:10:41 CET 2017

Hi, all:

I am new to Etherlab-EtherCAT-Master, just wondering:
* How can I change slave(AX5206) state to "SAFEOP"?

Here is what I did on command line:
* sudo ./ethercat start
* sudo ./ethercat slaves: and I saw all slaves in "PREOP" state
* Then I wrote all IDNs to AX5205 based on TwinCAT startup list: IDNs are confirmed by reading back.
-- (./ethercat soe_write blah..blah..)                        
-- (./ethercat soe_read blah..blah..) 
* Then I change state: 
-- ./ethercat states SAFEOP

Unfortunately, all slaves changed to "SAFEOP", except AX5206 which remains on "PREOP":
* And I saw error: AL stats message "0x0045": "MBX_SOE"

So, what is wrong with my procedure? Thanks for any hint!


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