[etherlab-users] Possible causes for "AL status message 0x001A: "Synchronization error" "?

Jiarui Lian jerry at bertec.com
Wed Jan 18 00:53:54 CET 2017

Hi Everybody:

I am testing on Beckhoff Ax5206 servo drive, and I saw in log file:
* ...
* 8469 ns difference after 3950 ms
* ...
* AL status message 0x001A: "Synchronization error"
* Acknowledged state SAFEOP.
* ...
* (no other bad messages: such as "unmatched datagram", etc.)

So, what could be possible causes for this "0x001A: Synchronization error"?
* How can I make Ax5206 go to OP state?
* Should I reduce EC_DC_MAX_SYNC_DIFF_NS? 
  (currently it is 10000 ns)
* Should I add domain data for Ax5206?
  (currently domain contains data from other slaves)
* or other reasons?
  (By the way, I saw "Sync error, ID 0xF415" on Ax5206 panel

Thanks for any hint!


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