[etherlab-users] Using EtherLab to to collect force sensor data

Justin Hunt jphunt3 at asu.edu
Tue Jan 24 01:44:04 CET 2017

Hi all,

New user here. I discovered EtherLab while trying to come up with a
solution for streaming data from a force sensor with EtherCAT connection to
my Linux PC. This PC is running Ubuntu 14.04 with kernel 4.2 and has a
e1000e driver. My ultimate goal is to send the force data to a C++ code in
real time in order to control a KUKA 7-DoF robot arm.

I'm still confused about the EtherLab software components and was hoping
someone could help guide me. If I just want to stream the data to the PC
and maybe visualize it using the terminal, do I need any of the software
components beyond EtherCAT Master?

Thanks everyone,

P.S. Any additional advice/suggestions that you may have for me would also
be greatly appreciated.
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