[etherlab-users] Flexi Soft Sick GETC

lucas.zamuner at deepskycorp.com lucas.zamuner at deepskycorp.com
Mon Oct 30 19:08:30 CET 2017

Dear fellow Etherlab users,

Has anybody successfully used Etherlab with a Flexi Soft Ethercat 
Gateway GETC (one of these : 

I am having troubles configuring the PDOs with Etherlab.

On this device, one can only select a mapping, not write it.
Fair enough, but when I try to actually read the mapping.
I have an object does not exists error :

$ /opt/etherlab/bin/ethercat -p0 pdos
SM0: PhysAddr 0x1000, DefaultSize  128, ControlRegister 0x36, Enable 1
SM1: PhysAddr 0x1080, DefaultSize  128, ControlRegister 0x32, Enable 1
SM2: PhysAddr 0x1100, DefaultSize   50, ControlRegister 0x74, Enable 1
   RxPDO 0x1600 "Out"
     PDO entry 0x2001:01, 80 bit, "Out_Dataset1"
SM3: PhysAddr 0x1200, DefaultSize   51, ControlRegister 0x30, Enable 1
   TxPDO 0x1a00 "In"
     PDO entry 0x10f3:04,  8 bit, "Diag"
     PDO entry 0x2000:01, 80 bit, "In_Dataset1"

$ /opt/etherlab/bin/ethercat upload -p0 -t uint8 0x1600 0x00
SDO transfer aborted with code 0x06020000: This object does not exist in 
the object directory

At runtime, during pdos configuration, I have the same error -> no 
mapping on the request.

Anyone already encountered that, or has a pointer where to look ?

Thank you in advance !

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