[etherlab-users] ec_e1000e not compatible with Intel I218-LM NIC

Christoph Schroeder christoph.schroeder at helmholtz-berlin.de
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Hi everyone,

here is what I observed with the predecessor I217-LM on Debian 7:
It uses the e1000e driver, not the Intel igb driver which is more common for server adapters. The ec_e1000e didn't work for me too on the default kernel 3.2.xx, but it worked with the backported 3.16.xx kernel. Seems like there was something changed which prevents the ec_e1000e of the 3.2.xx kernel to work with Intel onboard adapters. It might not be the driver itself since the adapter works fine with the unpatched e1000e driver of this kernel. Maybe someone who is familiar with these network drivers and the Linux kernel sources can figure it out. However the generic driver works in all cases.

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On 09/18/2017 01:42 AM, Gavin Lambert wrote:
Check which standard kernel module is loaded for that card when using the generic driver (or without using EtherCAT at all), either with lsmod or lspci -k.

I don’t know whether this applies to that specific card or not, but some of the newer gigabit cards require the igb driver rather than the e1000e driver, and that hasn’t been patched for EtherCAT yet.

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I set up the latest stable EtherLab EtherCAT Master (branch stable-1.5 from Mercurial-Repository) on my Lenovo X250 Laptop (one Intel I218-LM NIC) with Debian installed (3.2.0-4-rt-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Debian 3.2.89-2 x86_64). When I try to use the compiled ec_e1000e kernel module (./configure --enable-e1000e; not compiled into the kernel - kernel config set is =M) the EtherCAT Master will not find my NIC and stucks on the dmesg message:

EtherCAT: 1 master waiting for devices.

ec_e1000e: Ethercat-capable Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 1.5.1-k-EtherCAT

When I use the generic driver everything works fine and the Master find my NIC. /etc/sysconfig/ethercat is configured with the right MAC address of my NIC.

I'm not sure if the I218-LM NIC is supported, but in this post it seems that it is (http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-dev/2016/000554.html). Does anyone have an idea?

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