[etherlab-users] How to "upload/download" SDOs in application(*.c file)?

jerry itnet jerry.itnet at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 18:15:23 CEST 2018

I am confused on how to "upload/download" SDOs in an application.
For example, am I correct by writing codes like:

------------- application.c
  uint16_t sdo_index = 0xf880;        uint8_t sdo_subindex = 1;
uint32_t value = 0;
  ecrt_slave_config_sdo32( sc, sdo_index, sdo_subindex, value);

  if (ecrt_master_activate(master))         return -1;

  size_t *result_size;    uint8_t *target;    const uint8_t *data;
uint32_t *abort_code;
  ecrt_master_sdo_upload(master, 5, 0xf880, 1, target, 4, result_size,
abort_code );

Thank in advance for any hint!
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