[etherlab-users] How to "upload/download" SDOs in application(*.c file)?

Gavin Lambert gavin.lambert at tomra.com
Tue Jun 19 01:25:38 CEST 2018

There are a few different kinds of API to do SDO transfers, depending on how and when you want to do them.  (But in short: no, that code is probably not correct.)

ecrt_master_sdo_download/upload are blocking APIs; they are intended to be called before activating the master.  It is still possible to call them on a separate thread while the master is active (though be aware that this will cause lock contention so is not recommended if you have a fast cycle time).  You must not call it from your realtime thread.  These are intended for network discovery or other one-off or infrequent actions.

ecrt_slave_config_create_sdo_request and the companion ecrt_sdo_request_* methods are intended for the case where you want to do transfers (either one-off or periodically) from the realtime thread while the master is active.  You create the request first (before activating the master) and then use the other methods to kick off a specific action and then poll it for completion from inside your realtime loop.  These are non-blocking.

ecrt_slave_config_sdo* is for slave configuration settings that need to be written to the slave each time it reboots.  You call these once before activating the master and then the master itself takes care of sending these on first configuration and also if the slave needs to be reconfigured for any reason (eg. network disruption, rebooting).

It's all explained in the documentation, the examples, and the header files themselves.

From: jerry itnet
Sent: Tuesday, 19 June 2018 04:15
Subject: [etherlab-users] How to "upload/download" SDOs in application(*.c file)?

I am confused on how to "upload/download" SDOs in an application.
For example, am I correct by writing codes like:

------------- application.c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  uint16_t sdo_index = 0xf880;        uint8_t sdo_subindex = 1;        uint32_t value = 0;
  ecrt_slave_config_sdo32( sc, sdo_index, sdo_subindex, value);

  if (ecrt_master_activate(master))         return -1;

  size_t *result_size;    uint8_t *target;    const uint8_t *data;    uint32_t *abort_code;
  ecrt_master_sdo_upload(master, 5, 0xf880, 1, target, 4, result_size, abort_code );

Thank in advance for any hint!
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