[etherlab-users] igb native driver

Antonio Righettini antorighettini at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 19:00:07 CEST 2018

Hi  at all

In order to have the igb driver native for IGH ethercat, I have copied from
etherlab repository the stable branch version with igb driver for 3.18
Currently I am using the 3.5.7 kernel, for this reason i have migrate the
modifications in 3.18 on 3.5.7 driver (I hope .....) 
I am able to produce the .ko kernel module and I am able to use it (module
ec_igb is loaded instead of igb module) 

The problem is that the ethernet interface appear always down and the master
can not work. Before master starts the interface is up, after master start
became down 

have some one ideas about the problem ? Which are the driver functions
probably involved in this problem ? 

At the moment I'm using the ec_generic driver, but is not the perfect
solution with xenomai patch (there are many xenomai promary-secondary mode
switch), on other hardware platform I'm using native driver with xenomai
(ec_e1000e) and I have better performance respect to ec_generic 

regards, Antonio Righettini 

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