[etherlab-users] Please help newbie to etherlab with setting PDOs

Montgomery-Smith, Stephen stephen at missouri.edu
Wed Mar 28 23:14:56 CEST 2018

Thank you for your response.  Sorry for the late response, but I was only able to try it out today because of life was so busy.

You were correct - all I had to do was activate the master, and then wait a while.

I looked at the dc_user example.  What is registering PDOs all about?  Do I just need to register one of the registers in a PDO mapping, or do I need to register all of them?  I noticed that registering just one from each PDO mapping made the domain_data_size correct.  I have one PDO mapping for input and one PDO mapping for output.  Should I create two different domains for each PDO mapping?  Or can I use both PDO mappings with one domain?

Is there an example program which involves both input and output?

Is there documentation on the Ethercat User Group website that could help me sort this all out?  (I have membership, so I can look at everything they have.)

On 03/18/2018 05:49 PM, Gavin Lambert wrote:
Your custom configuration is not applied to the slave until you activate the master.  After that you can confirm the settings using “ethercat pdos” or those methods (though note that it does not happen immediately – there will be some delay before the slave is actually configured).

Have a look at the dc_user and other example programs for examples of slave configuration.

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I am trying out etherlab to connect my computer to a Parker Hannifin motor controller - you can read about it here: http://www.parker.com/Literature/Electromechanical%20North%20America/CATALOGS-BROCHURES/PSeries/PSeries_UG_EtherCAT_A.pdf

I am trying to tell it to use a certain PDO, which on page 68 of the manual is called 1st PDO mapping.  I use the ecrt_slave_config_pdos function to tell it what PDO to use.  But whenever I run the program, and ask it to print out the PDO using ecrt_master_get_pdo and ecrt_master_get_pdo_entry, I get output that tells me it is using the 2nd PDO mapping (see below).  I feel like I am missing something.  Is there a good sample program that shows me how to set up something like this that I can copy?

(I have used EC-Master from Acontis, and I was able operate the controller using their software.  But I want to find an open source solution.)

Output of my program:
Output PDO 0x1601 with 4 entries:
  PDO entry 0: 0x6040 0 16
  PDO entry 1: 0x607a 0 32
  PDO entry 2: 0x60b8 0 16
  PDO entry 3: 0x60fe 1 32
Input PDO 0x1a01 with 6 entries:
  PDO entry 0: 0x6041 0 16
  PDO entry 1: 0x6064 0 32
  PDO entry 2: 0x60f4 0 32
  PDO entry 3: 0x60b9 0 16
  PDO entry 4: 0x60ba 0 32
  PDO entry 5: 0x60fd 0 32
Thanks, Stephen

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