[etherlab-users] RV: AX5000 fault synchronism

Tom Wong-Cornall tom at wongcornall.com
Fri Nov 1 01:49:29 CET 2019

On Fri, Nov 01, 2019 at 01:31:41PM NZDT, Gavin Lambert <gavin.lambert at tomra.com> wrote:
>I'm not talking about the AX4000.  I'm talking about a different slave which 
>does work happily with SYNC0 and SYNC1 occurring simultaneously.  (Though it 
>too is expecting one SYNC1 pulse per SM packet.)
>With the specific parameters 250000, 5000, 750000, 0; what (conceptually) 
>happens is this:
>1. time 5000       : SYNC0 #1  (we assume the zero time is the DC start base for the network; YMMV)
>2. time 255000   : SYNC0 #2
>3. time 505000   : SYNC0 #3
>4. time 755000   : SYNC0 #4 and SYNC1 #1

Roger that. I was picking up on the "with no shift between them" from your 
earlier message and conflating that with the (confusing) Beckhoff Infosys docs 
which show S1 starting from same time reference as S0 (i.e. same phase). I see 
my interpretation of the ET1100 docs agrees with yours, which is a relief :)



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