[etherlab-users] Beckhoff AX5000 - How to get rid of AX5801 safety card?

Tom Wong-Cornall tom at wongcornall.com
Tue Feb 4 04:16:55 CET 2020

On Tue, Feb  4 '20 at 05.21 NZDT, Hugh Sparks <hugh at csparks.com> wrote:
> 1) Yes, it uses SoE for everything except process data circulation. 
> The PDOs are fixed.

Not quite---S-0-0016 and S-0-0024 allow configuring the process data; 
these are the standard SoE AT and MDT objects. This can be done 
dynamically like in CoE.

This works with the usual Etherlab ecrt_slave_config_pdo* functions to 
map the domain data, but elicits a bunch of syslog warnings about being 
unable to automatically configure the PDOs on the slave-side. You have 
to do this yourself by also writing the -0016 and -0024 IDNs to make 
sure everything lines up.

Again, TwinCAT (and judicious application of Wireshark) is useful to 
sniff these things out.

I get the sense that SoE doesn't see a lot of use with Etherlab. If we 
continue to use the AX5000s I would like to spend some time fleshing 
this out a bit further and contribute some patches.

> 3) Yes, I have problems. My wife is angry because the driveway is coated
> with ice because I obsessed over my AX5203 yesterday instead of shoveling
> snow. The problem du jour isĀ  "F4A5 "Under Voltage" from "CycValuesLine1 &
> 2" which I suspect refers to the line frequency.

I had a chuckle :) Let me offer some marital advice---check out IDNs
P-0-0201 through -0204. I'm guessing you're running from a low-voltage 
single-phase residential supply, instead of the default expected 400V 
+/- 10% 3ph.

While we're marginally off-topic and soliciting off-list contact, we are 
looking for a decent Etherlab-friendly EtherCAT VSD/VFD (for simple 
induction motors, pumps etc.), ideally with FSoE, in the 5.5-15kW range.  
Any Etherlab users using something like this?

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