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Pierre Kurkdjian pkurkdjian at gmto.org
Fri Jan 10 20:50:04 CET 2020

Hello Etherlab community,

I would like to implement the entire ethercat state machine in C/C++.
Etherlab ethercat allows the users to select the ethercat state of each ethercat slave with command line, like that:

ethercat states -p0 INIT

ethercat states -p0 SAFEOP

ethercat states -p0 OP

My question is: Is there a way to do the same thing using the C functions?
It’s possible to go to preop by reserving a master (calling ecrt_request_master() ).
It’s possible to go to op by activating the master (calling ecrt_request_master() ).
But is there a way to go to safeop and to boot ?

Thank you for your time.

Pierre Kurkdjian
Real-Time Software Engineer
Giant Magellan Telescope Organization
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