[Etherlab-users] Why is there no Wiki or Forum?

Karl Zeilhofer karl at zeilhofer.co.at
Tue Feb 23 23:49:29 CET 2021

Hello all,

I would be very happy, if the sources would be ported to something with

I also thought about using just Github, or even a self hosted instance
of Gitea.

But I think it could not provide, what a forum and/or dedicated wiki can
I think the users are a bit too restricted, to what Github provides.
Also for a true open source project with Linux, Microsofts Github.com
would not be the perfect choice, I think.

Dokuwiki provides plugins for almost everything. I'm really very happy
with that! Github's Wiki is not very powerful at all.

@Florian, how do you think about a dedicated DokuWiki and phpBB or
I think it would perfectly fit into your domain etherlab.org, but I have
no influence on that.

If no one starts some collaboration platform, I'll just go ahead. It
costs about 50€/year on Netcup.de, nothing to worry about.
If IgH could provide that, I would also be very happy.

@Niko: Thanks for the hint to registered trademarks (or somthing like
that) for EtherCAT and EtherLab. How about using this in a domain name?

By all means we should take care, that the community isn't split up into
different similar tools.

That's my two cents.

Kind regards,

On 2/23/21 3:24 PM, Florian Pose wrote:
> Hello all,
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 09:08:35AM -0500, James Benway wrote:
>> Regarding a forum platform, phpBB does seem like the classic choice.  For a
>> more modern approach we could consider discourse.
> we are thinking about moving our sources from SourceForge to Github.
> This would also allow to use Github's infrastructure (issue tracker,
> wiki, projects, discussions, merge requests, ...).
> Though it means that the revision control system has to be changed from
> Mercurial to Git. But I think this is no major problem for anyone here?!
> Regarding the current discussion, we decided to move on with our Github
> plans. We are currently also discussing about the naming, but I am
> expecting, that we will find a solution until end of this week.
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