[Etherlab-users] Why is there no Wiki or Forum?

Florian Pose fp at igh.de
Fri Feb 26 15:28:52 CET 2021

Hello all,

today we discussed the different options of moving to another source
code hoster.

- One option is to stay at SourceForge and just enable the Wiki, issue
  tracker, and other capabilities there. Sources could stay
  Mercurial-revisioned. Git is also supported. Pros: Not much effort.
  Cons: SourceForge has gotten a little too commercial and overloaded.

- A next option is to move to GitHub. Repositories would have to be
  converted to Git. Pros: Widely used, stable and available platform.
  Cons: proprietary, monopoly, Microsoft (if that's of any interest

- Another option: GitLab. Git would again be mandatory. Pros: Hosting
  software itself is open-source and you could run it on an own
  hardware. Cons: 'Smaller' than GitHub, thus less users.  Great is the
  possibility to clone the Wiki as Git repository. What you get is an
  directory of markdown files and resources. So you can easily back up
  the data and also edit the wiki data using merge requests etc. or even
  move the data to another hoster.

We actually prefer GitLab, because it seems to fit more to our
open-source strategy. I have created a group [1] for testing purposes. I
will fill it with data in the next days, so we can play around with it.

[1] https://gitlab.com/etherlab.org

> @Florian, how do you think about a dedicated DokuWiki and phpBB or Discourse?
> I think it would perfectly fit into your domain etherlab.org, but I have no
> influence on that.

Are there features you would miss in the GitLab wiki implementation?

Best regards,
Florian Pose

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