[Etherlab-users] Why is there no Wiki or Forum?

Sebastien BLANCHET blanchet at iram.fr
Fri Feb 26 16:09:59 CET 2021


Switching to Git is a very good news. Most of developers (like me) know 
already how to use git. It will help to enlarge the community.

Sebastien BLANCHET

Le 26/02/2021 à 15:28, Florian Pose a écrit :
> Hello all,
> today we discussed the different options of moving to another source
> code hoster.
> - One option is to stay at SourceForge and just enable the Wiki, issue
>    tracker, and other capabilities there. Sources could stay
>    Mercurial-revisioned. Git is also supported. Pros: Not much effort.
>    Cons: SourceForge has gotten a little too commercial and overloaded.
> - A next option is to move to GitHub. Repositories would have to be
>    converted to Git. Pros: Widely used, stable and available platform.
>    Cons: proprietary, monopoly, Microsoft (if that's of any interest
>    ;-)).
> - Another option: GitLab. Git would again be mandatory. Pros: Hosting
>    software itself is open-source and you could run it on an own
>    hardware. Cons: 'Smaller' than GitHub, thus less users.  Great is the
>    possibility to clone the Wiki as Git repository. What you get is an
>    directory of markdown files and resources. So you can easily back up
>    the data and also edit the wiki data using merge requests etc. or even
>    move the data to another hoster.
> We actually prefer GitLab, because it seems to fit more to our
> open-source strategy. I have created a group [1] for testing purposes. I
> will fill it with data in the next days, so we can play around with it.
> [1] https://gitlab.com/etherlab.org
>> @Florian, how do you think about a dedicated DokuWiki and phpBB or Discourse?
>> I think it would perfectly fit into your domain etherlab.org, but I have no
>> influence on that.
> Are there features you would miss in the GitLab wiki implementation?

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