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Thu Mar 11 08:15:12 CET 2021

Dear Etherlab users,

         I use the lateset igh with unofficial patchset under Linux-3.18.20 and Xenomai-2.6.5. My NIC is Intel i211.My question is, when I run a simple sample, there is no error even if the running time is very long. I just use QtCreator and make the configuration of slave and igh real-time cycling thread to a dynamic library, I find there is a big latency of calling ecrt_master_receive. My testing method is like this:


RTIME begin=rt_time_read();



RTIME end=rt_time_read();


The latency (end-begin) will reach 1.5ms about 30 minutes after starting the program. Except this error, almost latency is under 10us. At the same time, I execute “cat /proc/xenomai/faults” and find there will be page fault. I alse execute “cat /proc/xenomai/stat” and find MSW of the real-time thread increases. And there will also be “UNMATCHED Datagram” and “Datagram XXX (domain0-0-main) was SKIPPED XX times” message log.


My real-time thread is:

   while(1) {

       wakeupTime = timespec_add(wakeupTime, cycletime);

       clock_nanosleep(CLOCK_TO_USE, TIMER_ABSTIME, &wakeupTime, NULL);









            temp[0]=EC_READ_U16(domain1_pd + offset.status_word_6041_0);

            temp[1]=EC_READ_U32(domain1_pd + offset.position_actual_value_6064_0);

            if(once<=800) {target_position=temp[1];once++;}

                   if(temp[0] == 0x218){

           EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd+offset.control_word_6040_0, 0x0080 );


       else if( (temp[0]&0x004f) == 0x0040  ){  //temp[0]==0x250

           EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd+offset.control_word_6040_0, 0x0006 );

           //printf("1.state = %x\n",temp[0]);


       else if( (temp[0]&0x006f) == 0x0021){ //temp[0]==0x231

           EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd+offset.control_word_6040_0, 0x0007 );

           //printf("2.state = %x\n",temp[0]);


       else if( (temp[0]&0x06f) == 0x023){ //temp[0]==0x233

           EC_WRITE_U8(domain1_pd+offset.modes_operation_6060_0, 8);//csp mode


           EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd+offset.control_word_6040_0, 0x000f);


       else if( (temp[0]&0x06f) == 0x027){//temp[0]=0x237


                 EC_WRITE_U16(domain1_pd+offset.control_word_6040_0, 0x001f);



       if (sync_ref_counter) {


       } else {

           sync_ref_counter = 1; // sync every cycle

                            clock_gettime(CLOCK_TO_USE,&time);    //added by me          

                            ecrt_master_sync_reference_clock_to(master, TIMESPEC2NS(time));





       //send process data











I check all the possible problem I think:

1. Using libethercat_rtdm.so and ec_igb.

2. Make sure calling ecrt_master_receive after a period of time after calling ecrt_master_send. Sometimes,I find I use an elapsed time to call clock_nanosleep, that is because the latency of ecrt_master_receive.

3. Calling mlockall(MCL_CURRENT | MCL_FUTURE)


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Best regards

Zhou Yang
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