[Etherlab-users] strange behaviour with sdo configuration

BUSSIERES Vincent vincent.bussieres at hemeria-group.com
Thu Oct 14 22:11:14 CEST 2021

Dear Etherlab users,

I bought a Beckhoff EtherCAT Terminal, 2-channel encoder interface EL5102. This product has just been released.

I encounter problems when I configure sdos with « ecrt_slave_config_sdo8 » or « ecrt_slave_config_create_sdo_request » functions called before « ecrt_master_activate » as for my other slaves.

This slave doesn’t switch at the OP State and stay in PRE-OP State with error « E » :

"1 0:1 PREOP E EK5102 2K. Inc. Encoder 5V (RS422, TTL)"

I noticed that when I comment sdo configuration methods and run my application, slave switches to OP State.

After being switched one time to OP, if I uncomment configuration methods and run once again my application, slave behaviour seems to be OK, slave switches to OP State.

I don’t understand why after the fisrt boot, there is such a problem ?

Could you help solving this problem ?

Best regards
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