[etherlab-users] Problem with disconnecting an Ethercat Segment

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Florian Pose fp at igh-essen.com
Fri Apr 23 14:34:00 CEST 2010


Am 21. April um 13:35 schrieb Günter Hammer:
>> Is the alias set in the eeprom? ->  ethercat sii_r -v, word 4
> No, the alias is not set in the eeprom.

If it is not stored, then there's no chance to use it. Was the eeprom
overwritten after setting the alias?

>> It could be a problem with reading the alias from register 0x0012,
>> instead of the eeprom directly.
> What does this mean ?
> Could it be a timing problem, that the alias could not be set during 
> startup and I have to wait ?

Usually not. The slave controller loads the alias from word 4 into
register 12 during startup. But when it's not in the eeprom, then
register 12 will not work either.

Viele Grüße,

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