[etherlab-users] Problem reading SII configuration from slave

Andreas Stewering-Bone ab at igh-essen.com
Thu Aug 25 09:02:14 CEST 2011

Hello Jesper,

It is always the same  I think.

TwinCAT works without reading the Slave Eeprom.

Our master tries to read out some information form the Eeprom.
Only a small amount of slave producer build up their Eeprom content 
Here the final end tag is missing.

You can do

- Backup the Eeprom via ethercat sii_read -p slaveid > file
- Build up a new Eeprom content in TwinCAT based on the XML Description.
- Save this file to the Slave via ethercat sii_write -p slaveid filename

Power down the bus, restart everything.

See if the message is gone.

Best regards


Am 24.08.2011 21:02, schrieb Jesper Smith:
> I'm testing an Elmo Gold Guitar Solo in combination with Ethercat. Using
> TwinCAT I can get it to work. Using SOEM (simple open ethercat master) I'm
> able to read the configuration (SDO), however when I connect it to the
> Ethercat master I get the following error
>   EtherCAT WARNING 0-0: SII size exceeds 4096 words (0xffff limiter missing?).
> What is wrong with the slave or is it an error in etherlab?
> Regards,
> Jesper
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