[etherlab-users] Modify the EtherCAT Master

simone.monteleone at alice.it simone.monteleone at alice.it
Wed Feb 2 11:53:54 CET 2011

 Hi all,

I have to modify the EtherCAT Master to allow the Eeprom reading, first to go in preop state.

So I have to write the register 0x500 with data 0x01.

I read to an old mail, that I have to modify the fsm_slave_config.c file.

I try this:

void ec_fsm_slave_config_enter_boot_preop(
        ec_fsm_slave_config_t *fsm /**< slave state machine */

    // patch monteleone
    //     ec_slave_t *slave = fsm->slave;
    //     ec_datagram_t *datagram;   
    //     ec_datagram_fpwr(datagram, slave->station_address, 0x500, 1);
    //     EC_WRITE_U8(datagram->data, 0x01);
    // fine patch     
    fsm->state = ec_fsm_slave_config_state_boot_preop;

    if (fsm->slave->requested_state != EC_SLAVE_STATE_BOOT) {
        ec_fsm_change_start(fsm->fsm_change, fsm->slave, EC_SLAVE_STATE_PREOP);
    } else { // BOOT
        ec_fsm_change_start(fsm->fsm_change, fsm->slave, EC_SLAVE_STATE_BOOT);

    ec_fsm_change_exec(fsm->fsm_change); // execute immediately

but is not correct? what I have to do?


simone monteleone
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