[etherlab-users] Question about cascading EK1100

Michael Sagner msagner at msagner.de
Wed Feb 2 11:55:29 CET 2011

> Andreas Stewering-Bone schrieb:
> There is no need to initialize the EK1100,
> but it is possible.
> You have to act on it like a normal slave without pdo configuration
> #define BusCouplerPos 0, 0
> #define Beckhoff_EK1100 0x00000002, 0x044c2c52
> ...
> sc = ecrt_master_slave_config(master, BusCouplerPos, Beckhoff_EK1100);
> if (!sc)
> return -1;
> and that is all

I found some strange behaviour.
I did the call to  ecrt_master_slave_config  and it issued an error message
("Failed to create slave config: No such file or directory").
BUT: If I simply ignore this error message and go on initializing the
following slaves, everything is allright and the system will run.


Michael Sagner

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