[etherlab-users] EL6692 connector

Jasper Westpfahl jasper2 at gmx.net
Mon Nov 11 09:42:07 CET 2013

Hello Etherlab users,

I am trying to configure the EL6692 connector from a Simulink model with a generic block and a device description xml to transmit various data between two masters. Neither Simulink nor dmesg throw any errors, but the RxPdo that are supposed to be configured do not show up on 'ethercat pdo -p 9' . The TxPdo do, with the exception of the last 'stuffing' byte (for alignment), show up. I have attached the xml and the output of 'ethercat pdo -p 9' in the hope that someone can have a quick look and give me a pointer. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Best regards,
Jasper Westpfahl

# ethercat pdo -p 9

SM0: PhysAddr 0x1000, DefaultSize  256, ControlRegister 0x26, Enable 1
SM1: PhysAddr 0x1100, DefaultSize  256, ControlRegister 0x22, Enable 1
SM2: PhysAddr 0x1200, DefaultSize    0, ControlRegister 0x24, Enable 1
  RxPDO 0x1600 "RxPDO-Map"
SM3: PhysAddr 0x1800, DefaultSize   20, ControlRegister 0x20, Enable 1
  TxPDO 0x1a03 ""
    PDO entry 0x10f4:02,  2 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x0000:00,  6 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x0000:00,  3 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x1800:09,  1 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x1800:07,  1 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x10f4:0e,  1 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x10f4:0f,  1 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x10f4:0a,  1 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x10f4:0b, 32 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x10f4:0c, 32 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x10f4:0d, 32 bit, ""
  TxPDO 0x1a00 "TxPDO-Map"
    PDO entry 0x6000:01, 32 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:02, 32 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:03, 64 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:04, 64 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:05, 64 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:06, 64 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:07, 64 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:08, 64 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:09,  1 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x6000:0a,  1 bit, ""
    PDO entry 0x0000:00,  6 bit, ""
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