[etherlab-users] PDO writing problem at 1ms

BUSSIERES Vincent vincent.bussieres at hemeria-group.com
Wed Feb 5 15:22:20 CET 2020


I'm using etherlab master with Gavin unofficial patch for kernel 4.9 to command an Elmo servodrive using CiA DSP 402 protocol.
I mapped useful PDOs to command the servodrive. These PDO include controlword and statusword objects below:

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D5DC38.068386E0]

[cid:image009.jpg at 01D5DC38.068386E0]

The master cycle loop period is 1 ms.
Reading object seems to be OK, I can read successfully encoder position (Position Actual Value).
But when I change controlword value, it doesn't seem to be any effect. The state in state machine below doesn't change (statusword doesn't change).
However when I change controlword value using sdo download in ethercat command lines tool, statusword immediately change. It seems to be a problem with writing PDOs.

When I increase master cycle loop period to 100ms, controlword updates seem to be take into account after several send commands.

[cid:image010.png at 01D5DC38.068386E0]

You can see in attachement a part of my source code in C++ / Qt. Init method for PDO mapping and a while loop for send/receive PDO.

Best regards

Responsable Technique Logiciel

24 Avenue de Pasleck
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